Parliamentary Investigative Board Issues First Report on State of Emergency


The Parliamentary Investigative Board set up to monitor the actions of the Command Post in the State of Emergency has issued its first report.

The board was formed by the House of People’s Representatives upon ratification of the State of Emergency. The board’s mandate is to follow up on the operations of the Command Post.

Over a Thousand Arrested – Investigative Board Report

This first report comes four weeks after the official validation of the State of Emergency. Accordingly, the report states 1,107 people have been detained by the Command Post for inciting violence and chaos.

In the first Command Post Zone – Addis Ababa area towns – 450 people are under arrest. The detainees are from Ambo, Dukem, Bishoftu, Fiche, Mojo and the Southwest Shoa region. Eight of the 450 are female.

In the second zone, comprising Bale, East Shoa, Arsii and West Arsii Zones, 39 male suspects are under arrest in Hawassa.

The third zone, Harar and Dire Dawa, has 178 people arrested and jailed in Dire Dawa. Seven of the 178 are female prisoners.

Zone 4, from Jimma to Nekemte, has the second largest number of arrests with 388 people behind bars in Nekemte.

The fifth Zone, in the Bahir Dar area, has 43 suspects under arrest in Bahir Dar, with the last Zone in Samara having just 3 arrests.

In total, 1,087 male and 20 female suspects are so far under arrest in the State of Emergency.

The charges forwarded include murder of civilians and security personnel, arson and destruction of property. Other charges include road blocking, smuggling illegal arms, inciting racial conflicts and disrupting/boycotting trade, education and means of transportation.

The full list of the detainees will be sent to the respective locale of the prisoners on the coming Monday. Their families and friends have been advised to go to their kebeles and view the status of arrested relatives.

The Investigative Board confirms it has received more than 130 tips from the public. The Board says it is looking into 82 of these tips and has handed over the rest to the Command Post for follow up and evaluation.



Source Fana

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