Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Rousing Acceptance Speech During Swearing in Ceremony

Diretube In-depth On Ethiopia's New Prime Minister's First Speech. It Is Not Only An Inspiring Speech But Also Lays Out A Comprehensive Vision for the Country Moving Forward


Today marks a historic day in Ethiopian life.  Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) was sworn into the highest executive office of the government. He is newly the chief executive of government, chairman of the council of ministers and commander in chief of the Ethiopian armed forces. Diretube covers his speech at the event.  

The ceremony began with the Council of Ministers, parliament members, religious leaders and all present standing for the Ethiopian national anthem. Following this, speaker of the house Abadula Gemdeda took to the podium and announced the agenda of the day. Abadula Gemdeda, who recently returned from resignation,  gave Shiferaw Shegute, head of the office of the EPRDF council the podium. Shiferaw Shegute made the announcement that millions have been eagerly awaiting all weekend.

Shiferaw Shegute then gave a short bio Abiy Ahmed in which he covered briefly his birth and that he is a father of three children. Shiferaw Shegute also gave a rundown of the new Prime Minister’s academic and professional qualifications.

Shortly thereafter, Dagne Melaku, President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia guided the 41 one-year-old lieutenant colonel and technocrat through the oath of office. Loud applause came from the audience which according to a recent article had amongst it invitees from the opposition party, in a bid for inclusiveness.

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed then proceeded to give an awe-inspiring and enlivening speech  after expressing gratitude for the special honor of addressing the  Speaker of the House and others.

“Honorable Speaker of the House, honored members of the House of Representatives, honored citizens of our country,” began Abiy Ahmed. He thanked all for the special honor he felt for speaking on this occasion and got right down to the business of leading the nation through outlining a vision and raising morale.

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He expressed respect towards former Haile Mariam Desalgn for believing that a new leadership was a better option and wanting to be part of the solution for the political crisis of recent years. He thanked him especially for his key role in the peaceful transition of power. Similarly, he also thanked all who took part in this process.

The man many in Africa are hailing as the continent’s youngest leader then said it was a historical day for Ethiopia. We have missed opportunities to begin a new chapter in our country in the past, and this is yet another one, he said.

In line with his appreciation for those that went before him he then thanked the countless patriots, scholars and young change agents of the past. He characterized Ethiopia as a fertile womb which has brought forth generations who have toiled with determination in a high spirit of love of country.  Following this, he outlined three very key priorities for which stalwart Ethiopians are struggling for now and in the recent past.

  • Returning Ethiopia to her past greatness
  • Preserving the Justice and Peace of her people
  • Bringing equitable prosperity to all citizens


“For this Ethiopians here and around the world are raising their voices, devising arguments engaging in discussion,” he added.

Abiy Ahmed’s speech displayed an organized bias for action.

“Next, two things are shown  through this peaceful transition of power at such a crucial junction. Firstly, the power transition shows that there is a strong and stable constitutional base that is inclusive. Secondly, it shows that an order is being built that puts the people in charge and addressed the most current and political realities. ”

“The time is one in which we learn from our mistakes and make it up to our people.” Here the new prime minister uses the strong Amharic Mekas. Making amends to the people is a core priority set by the Prime Minister in this acceptance speech and a reoccurring theme throughout.

At this junction, he says that EPRDF has held fast to its developmental democracy policy through which it has built a constitutional and federal structure that has brought about foundational changes.

“The world is looking at us on one side with eagerness, admiration on one side and on the other with grave concern,” he adds, as he transitions to the issues related to the unprecedented unrest of recent years. He acknowledges the numerous successes that Ethiopia has achieved and yet adds that ‘many of our shortcomings must be urgently dealt with.’

He reiterates that we must learn from our mistakes and move forward. The issue of main importance is to transition our country to a higher level and consistently ensuring our unity as a nation.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s  Words  Of Encouragement To the Nation

Immediately following this the young prime minister gives words of encouragement to the nation. Ethiopians do not falter and accept defeat due to temporary problems, rather they transform challenges into opportunities and achieve victory.

A Rousing  Message of Ethiopian Unity

“Yesterday our fathers in Metema in Adwa and in Maecho broke their bones and shed their blood to preserve Ethiopian unity and honor. We are blessed. We have a beautiful country and a proud history. We know our roots. Our unity can be an example to the world, it has bought its enemies to its knees. We are an exemplar of the freedom fighting.”

Part of this prime minister’s meteoric rise can be attributed to his moving oratory about unity and reconciliation. Here he shines brightly in this respect. In very appealing Amharic he expresses the sentiment of millions: we are inextricably linked and cannot be separated.

The Amhara has fought for Ethiopian sovereignty in Caramara and being buried there, became part of that land. The Tigray has given his neck rather than relinquish Metema and became mixed with the land. The Oromo has revealed his chest on the mountains of Adwa for his country’s sovereignty and mingled with the soil of Adwa.  The same applies to Somalia, the Sidama, the Benshangul, Kembata, Hadiya and all the other ethnicities, he adds.

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The prime minister summed up in quoting an Ethiopian elder who has said, “We are Ethiopians as far as we are alive and become Ethiopia upon our passing from this earth.”

He continues to say that differences of ideas is not a curse. Conversely, it can bring strength, the clash of ideas bring solutions. Unity builds a nation. Saying I will die unless my idea prevails will ruin not only a country but even a household.

“ We Ethiopians need democracy and freedom. We have a right to it.”

Democracy is not a foreign import. It has existed in the Gada system long before developed countries elsewhere.

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Our constitution has given acknowledgment to this and we must translate this appropriately into action.

“Citizens rights must be fully enforced,” he added.

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed then stressed that Medmamet is integral to a democratic structure. This can be translated severally as consultation, listening avidly to other’s views or empathic listening. Dissent and diverging viewpoints must be entertained, according to Ethiopia’s new head of state.

“We must increase our effort in the struggle to build a democratic nation,” he said, making clear that this is at the core of his mission, and a main priority for his government in the days and months to come. He outlined what he means by this in explicit terms.

Government is a servant of the people. In a democratic government, the first and last policy is allowing the difference of ideas. All voices must be heard.

Building a democracy means freedom of expression. The government has to be tolerant in this respect, here the prime minister uses a hard to translate term hode sefi. This indicates compassion and ability to overlook faults.

Much of this speech focuses on his commitment to democracy and justice. Rule of law is another important theme. Here, he stresses that it must not just be the enforcing of dry laws but also the rise of a spirit of justice.


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The political upheaval and the many intricacies of the Horn of Africa were raised as yet another opportunity rather than simply a problem. Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) stated that Ethiopia must live up to its rich history as a leading force in the Pan African movement.

An End to Disagreement with Eretria and a Readiness to Solve Differences

Corruption Among the Major Causes of Unprecedented Protests

In no doubtful terms, the new head of state said there is no justification for undue gain and made a pledge to fight corruption night and day.

He encapsulated his views on corruption through a statement by the great pacifist and liberator Mahatma Gandhi:

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Spread of Education a Success But Will Go To Waste Unless Coupled with an absolutely determined effort for Quality

We must work with absolute determination to increase quality from the lowest level to that of the University and higher learning.

Another action item that was identified was to evaluate the Growth and Transformation execution for the past two years and work to bring about the fast transformation.

Dear Youth of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is yours. The coming years are yours. You must work at the forefront to build Ethiopia. The question of the youth is not just that of economic and equal participation. It is also one of democracy and justice. There are gaps in the spread of economic benefits amongst citizens, as well as growth social justice and political participation.

Even if it is known that our economy is growing, this growth has not met the changing needs of the youth. We understand that our people are dissatisfied for this reason. Our country can go nowhere without the youth. Ethiopia has to give hope for its youth, and not cause the loss of hope. I promise that we will do all we can along these lines.

We will work to create abundant young investors and create a just social and economic structure. The truth we must not forget is that the key engine for growth is the youth themselves.

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In a similar fashion then prime minister addresses the following groups.

  • Dear Women of Ethiopia
  • Dear Diaspora.
  • Dear Tefokakati Parties

Once again he calls on the whole nation to bring a developed democracy, to end racisms and tribalism, to create an educated and rational citizen.

“Let us continue is the unity that showed us to build the historic dam”, he said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Very Emotional Thanks Giving for his Mother Abiy thanks his mother and his wife first lady Zinash Tayachew

When I was just a seven-year-old boy the woman that knew I would stand in front of you on this day and implanted a deep vision in my heart. She is among the sincere innocent and good Ethiopians. Although she is no longer with us I want to thank her with all my heart.

Our Ethiopian mothers have a huge role in the future. And to gain the fruits tomorrow they must play a role today.Mother’s have an invaluable role in creating the children who can contribute to future.

He deeply thanks his wife Zinash Tayachew who his wife and the new first lady of Ethiopia. Then he thanks his friends and comrades and says are his strength during hardship.

He ends in his speech by saying “May God bless Ethiopia.”

The speech was received with a passionate standing ovation.

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