Emperor Haile Selassie’s Grandson To Honor Prominent Haramaya University President And Others

This April a Recognition Ceremony at Oklahoma State University in America will Honor Dr Clyde Kindell and others


Ermias Sahle Selassie is the grandson of Emperor Haile Selassie and runs an organization called the Crown Council of Ethiopia. On April 17, 2018, at a ceremony at the Oklahoma State University, he will be honoring Americans who have served in Ethiopia in various capacities over the past decades.

Significantly, the university is also part of this initiative which will endow Dr. Clyde Kindell with a Grand Officer award for his part as president of the Alemaya College of Agriculture during its foundational years. Dr. Clyde will be in attendance and is now in his 90s.

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Alongside Dr. Clyde Kindell other Americans who have worked in Ethiopia in various capacities will be honored.

Apparently, Oklahoma State University has a long history with Ethiopia.  In this connection, following World War II the United States instituted a  program of technical assistance for developing countries. This was called the Four Points Program. Ethiopia was selected and in the 1950s  the Oklahoma State University worked with the government of Ethiopia to found Alemaya College, now Haremaya University.  As a matter of fact, what began as a small agricultural school with only 43 students has now expanded to 30,000, Mel Tewahde said.

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2019 Will Be A Big Year Commemorating Oklahoma University and Ethiopia’s Connection Which Began with Emperor Haile Selassie I

Notably, the fourth installment of the documentary series will be shown at the recognition ceremony. Among other honorees is Ted Vestal. He has written a book, “Haile Selassie’s Impact on Black Americans”. In addition, he was a Peace Corps director in Ethiopia.  Shaun Evans will be in attendance on behalf of his parents,  Conrad and Joy Evans. The two have previously been recognized for their enduring love of Ethiopia.  They were part of the Point Four program in Ethiopia and had a significant role in the first years of the Haramaya and Jimma Universities. Mel Tewahde adds that Joy Evans wrote a recipe book exploring Ethiopia’s various culinary offerings.

Mel Tewahde on the  Point Four Documentary (Youtube)

Also, other honorees include Johnny Corbin, a one-time bodyguard of the late Emperor and Barbara Stocker (Ph.D.). According to Mel Tewahde,  Barbara Stalker has received an honorary doctorate from Hawassa University and has made significant contributions to the country.  Notably, among her publications is, “Household food security and hunger in Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia.”

Barbara Stocker on Hawassa University Website

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