Dangote Ethiopia Country Manager and Staff Killings Update (5 days Later) Massive Manhunt Underway in Oromyia Zone

Intensive Manhunt Underway by Ethiopia Defense Forces, Federal Police and Oromia Police


Following the brutal killing of Dangote country manager, Deep Kamara, his secretary and his driver a massive manhunt is underway to capture the assailants. The tragic incident took place, last week on Wednesday, 5 kilometers from the Dangote factory in Muger.

Ever since he was appointed the acting chairman of the Oromo Peoples Democratic Party, the growingly powerful arm of Ethiopia’s ruling party, large swaths of the population have been expecting the 41 one-year-old to become the next prime minister.

  1. Deep Kamara Was On his Way to Addis Ababa After a Long Meeting With Dangote Truckers 

    A prolonged disagreement between Dangote Ethiopia truckers the management led by the recently deceased was on the verge of an amicable resolution.  Mr. Kamara had spent all day discussing with the drivers, according to media sources.  At 4:10 pm in the afternoon he walked out into a Toyota 105 rental.  He left the Dangote factory in Eastern Shewa Zone, Muger tone with his secretary and driver. Assailants awaited them in an area with dense Eucalyptus tree vegetation 5 kilometers away. 

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  2. Negussie Lemma (General) Security Chief of Dangote Ethiopia Speaks to Media

    Accordingly, to the head of security for the entire countrywide operation, he had been on the phone with Deepa Kamara. This was just 10 minutes before the dreadful incident.  The area where the gunmen attacked was identified as Gatranbe, and according to the seasoned military man, chosen for tactical reasons by the assailants.


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  3. Investigators are Ruling Out a Robbery Motive

    Recent media reports indicate that the robbery is conclusively not robbery related. 8000 in Ethiopian currency and an undisclosed amount of Rupee notes were in the vehicle shortly after the shooting. In addition, computer hardware and other valuables were found untouched following the execution-style murder of the three Dangote employees.

  4. Deepa Kamara steeped in labor friction since beginning his tenure in Dangote Ethiopia

    For the entire two year period of his stay in Ethiopia Deep Kamara had been dealing with one labor conflict after another.  A short while before the killing,  Kamara had delayed his planned vacation (he would visit his loved ones every six months) in April, stating that he wanted to resolve the dispute with the truckers beforehand. He was on the cusp of a resolution and on his way to Addis Ababa to buy gifts for his family members.  Sources disclose that he had already bought tickets for his vacation flight on Friday.

  5. Deep Kamara was married and was a father of two children. Bakal Alelegn, his secretary, was previously employed by Salini and was also married with three children.

    Dangote Ethiopia employees, Ali Abdo, the patron of Dangote, and others accompanied the corpse of the deceased Indian country manager to Bole Airport.  Among those present was Samuel Halalala, Minister of Chemicals and Construction Inputs Industry Development.

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    Bakal Alelegn, Deep Kamara’s secretary was buried in Abo Church in the Ferensay on Thursday, a day after the killing.  The driver Similarly, Tsegay,  the country manager’s driver for two years, was also mourned by his loved ones.


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