PM Abiy Ahmed Lauds the People of Gambela In Speech

After Concluding Middle East Visit PM Abiy Ahmed heads off to Gambela to Speak with Citizens

A three-day visit to the Middle East ended with notable achievements for the new Ethiopian PM, amongst which is the release of 1000+ Ethiopian prisoners from Saudi jails.
Notably, Shiekh Alamoudi will also be released soon according to the PM’s official statement. Over the weekend after his return, the energetic Ethiopian head of state has been in Gambella and in Dembi Dolo. In this visit, he aimed to consult with citizens and representatives of the society as well as inaugurate Demi Dolo University and Dembi Dolo airport.

Media reports state that the Prime Minister was received with joy in the city of Gambella upon his arrival.

Full Speech by PM Abiy Ahmed in Gambella

All of this is part of what many are calling Prime Minister Abiy’s ‘national tour’.  The Dembi Dollo Airport will start hosting travelers today (May 21, 2018), according to a recent media report.

In addressing the people of Gambella the PM, in what has become his trademark, appreciated the contribution of the various people in Gambella and expressed his special respect for them all. He said that Gambella is a home of patriots of Ethiopia. PM Abiy began the speech by saying ‘Gambella is known as the ye behrehaw genet.’ Bereha means hot land or desert. while genet is paradise (paradise of the desert).

Abiy Ahmed Mentions the Majang Forest  Unesco Heritage Site:

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PM Abiy Ahmed Recalls the Memory of the  Brave Gambela Veterans Ugang Gilo and Biv Zhok

He spoke particularly of Ugang  Gilo, who fought in Korea the Emperor’s Kagnew Battalion. The Kagnew Battalion, in turn, was part of the US 7th Infantry Division. Many in the crowd in the hot Gambella sun were moved by the young PM’s oratory as he spoke of Gambella’s brave veterans. He continued to mention other great contributions of Ethiopians in the Gambella.

Biv Zhok had his leg cut off by enemy fire and used a sword to cut off his other leg to explode a crucial detonation that saved another Ethiopian soldier’s life, according to the Prime Minister’s account.

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The Premier then spoke about the importance of peace and unity along with land resources and other factors. He encouraged development throughout the speech. He mentioned the numerous natural resources of Gambella and the environmental contribution they make to the world at large. He stressed the importance of cultivating and preserving the environmental sites among which a forest has been designated a UNESCO heritage landmark.

In addition, he thanked the ‘kind and hospitable’ people of Gambella for aiding the young refugees of Ethiopia who were fleeing the Derg regime in the 70s and 80s. During this period hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians traveled to Sudan to seek refugee status. Many of these now make up the Diaspora communities around the world.

“The Ethiopian Government is Fully By Your Side”  Abiy Ahmed to the People of Gambella


PM Dr Abiy inaugurates Dembi Dolo University, airport
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed at the Dembi Dolo University Inauguration with other high officials. The University has enrolled over 1500 students and has already begun its academic year. (image source )

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