Heavy Rain Flooded Roads In Addis


Heavy rains on Monday inundate low-lying areas from Megenagna to Sealite Mihret with flood waters, severely damaged roads has led to huge traffic jams, according to Addis Ababa Road Authority (ATA.

The flood could damage the roads, bridges and pavements during the rainy season, said Tiumay Wolde Gabriel, communication director at ATA.

Therefore, the drivers were advised to use alternative roads and other transportation means during the heavy rain, he said.

However, drivers are in a confusion and are expressing concern over the road issues, which cause long traffic jams and road accidents, they have demanded the government to rectify the road problems.

It was difficult to fix water line under the heavily constructed railway line, so it may take some time to install sewerage line around the district, he added.

Drivers should not to drive to this place after heavy rain during night time, he noted.

Last year similar incident had occurred on a road near Hayahulet,  in  Addis Ababa

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