Oromia Terminates Authorities Cause Public Displacement to the People of Amhara.


Oromia regional state has terminated different government officials who were caused public displacement to the people of Amara from the Oromia region, according to Oromia Broadcasting Network.

We have arrested an organized group when attempted to displace the Amhara people in Oromia, said Lema Meggersa, President of Oromia Regional State.

It is understood that there were the group of officials who were working to displace Amhara people from Oromia regional state, and the group is under control after the decision is made in OPDO’s Annual conference, he said.

Officials from different Zones, Woredas, and Kebeles who have direct participation to the cause and are accused of spreading hate among the people of Oromo and Amhara are dismissed with no preconditions from their government positions and some cases are sent to court for further investigation, the report said.

“The Amhara people are our brothers, we cannot live without one. So the people of the two regions need to devote themselves to this plot, Lema noted.

Oromo people are also living in different Amhara regional states and, The current change that you experience is due to such peace and harmony between regions. So we should help Amhara people, our brothers to live work safely in the Oromia region, he added.

Thousands of Ethiopians of the Amhara ethnic group have been forcibly displaced from various regional states of Ethiopia such as Oromia, Southern, and Benishangul Gumz regions.

In the past few weeks, a new wave of internally displaced Amhara people is arriving in the Amhara regional state after being forcibly displaced mainly from the Oromia regional state of Ethiopia.

BBC Amharic quoting various media outlet states that around 1400 Amhara people have been displaced in the current displacement.

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