Students Donate Uniforms at Tabor High School Went Viral in Social Media


Students Donate Uniforms at Tabor High School

Grade 12 students from Tabor School preparatory school in Hawassa, who have completed the college entrance examination have donated their used Uniform to students who cannot afford to buy new ones.

“We think we can get mental satisfaction by helping other students, and we think that students coming after us will get better for us.”, Zion Mengesha, one of the coordinators told to BBC.

For the past two to three years, the same thing has been done by students of Tabor High School, “said Tigist Terefe, Principal of the School, said the head teacher adding that the number of students involved in this good activity was as close to a thousand.

In addition, Natural science students also donated their equipment too, Tigist added.

The school has been assisting students through charities clubs, with food and by covering rental fees for who cannot afford.

Thousands of Ethiopians were abducted after the image of the student charity posted on Facebook.


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