Ethiopia to Return Bodies of Ethiopians Beheaded By ISIS For Honorary Reburial in Libya


Ethiopia and Egypt have agreed to repatriate the remains of Ethiopian refugees who were cold-bloodedly beheaded by ISIS terrorists in Libya to be reburied in honor back home, according to Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)

Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah el- Sisi of Egypt has promised to Abiy Ahmed (PhD) the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, that Egypt will stand by the side of Ethiopia in the process of finding and reburying remains of Ethiopian refugees who were killed atrociously three years ago.

The Egyptian President confirmed that his government and the security forces are already planned to fully cooperate with the Ethiopian government to make the flight of the remains of the Ethiopians for a reburial in their country, according to ENA.


The remains of Ethiopians beheaded by ISIS terrorists in Libya will be collected from the location in which they were buried in Egypt, said Taye Atsekeselssie Ethiopian Ambassador to Egypt.

During Abiy Ahmed’s official visit to Egypt, the two countries have come to an agreement to held honorary burial ceremony by recovering the remains of the deceased, he added.

On April 18, 2016, ISIS terrorist group killed 12 Ethiopian refugees in Libya, in the most chilling and outrageous action typical of the terrorist organization.