Suspects Arrested in Bank of Abissinya Bole Medhanialem Branch Robbery


Robbery suspects at Bank of Abyssinia Bole Medhanealem branch are arrested by police according to Reporter Amharic weekly newspaper.

The robbers have gone to Bank of Abyssinia Bole Medhanealem branch on Tuesday, June 5, 2010, around 6:00 pm treating staff members using a blade and tried to bag more than 2.7 million Birr in each of 50 kilograms of sacs, according to Reporter.

However, police have arrested the suspect robbers trying to hid themselves struggling with the traffic jam around Bole Medhanialem area when police reached to confirm that there was two car crashes near Bole Medhanealem area.

Eyewitnesses said that the suspects were carrying 5.58 million birr in the bag and were trying to load one of them into a car.

Bole Karamara area Police have also stated that the bank managers and other staff members are arrested for further investigation.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ