EPRDF’s Decision About Eritrea Lacks Discussions: TPLF


Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) announces that the recent decisions made by the EPRDF lack discussion within the party and the general public.

After the three-day emergency conference held from June 10-13, 2018 which is largely deliberated on the recent decisions made by the executive committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front (EPRDF), TPLF has issued a statement on different current regional and national issues.

TPLF express its strong concern on the current ideological and political system moves made by the EPRDF


Revolutionary democracy, which has created a miracle outputs and ensured our country’s development, has come down in recent years and is seen declining, said the statement.

It further said the move lacks completeness since both decisions were taken without the consultation of the EPRDF Council and affiliated parties.

In addition, the statement which is issued last night declares that TPLF is not still happy about the party renewal process which the party is agreed to make four months ago.

The deep renewal process ( a reform )was still unsuccessful, as it is compared to what it should be, reads the statement.

When stating about one of the current decision about accepting to implement the Algiers agreement on Ethio-Eritrea border cases, TPLF concluded that The Executive Committee of EPRDF has made a decision consistent with our peace policy ,that could bring long-lasting peace, however, the part stressed that the implementation needs great caution and should be done with great concern.

Furthermore, TPLF has also stated its view on the application of the transfer of some giant public business organizations to private ownership, including Ethiotelecom and Ethiopian Airlines.

The party has accepted the general principle of the semi-privatization of such businesses, however, there should be a great attention against the implementation and this new developmental scheme should be of no consequence to the benefit of the Ethiopian people, reads the statement.

TPLF finally called for an urgent meeting of EPRDF’s Executive Committee and Council to look into and evaluate current affairs.