World Cup Frenzy, predict the winners!


The world cup comes every 4 years bringing a breezy for football lovers & all. This is the period when even the non-football fan get involved. The prediction of the winner for each game is part of the fun & excitement of the season.

Since Paul the Octopus in 2010, every world cup had a special animal to predict the winner of each game. In Brazil there was the Turtle, China had the Panda.

Dashen Beer a well-known beer brand in the football arena, has launched a new campaign for the world cup.  Dashen beer that is committed to delight consumers, has come with a new campaign for the world cup.

Dashen beer has introduced Kukusha, the Roaster, to drive the excitement among football fans. The Dashen’s roaster, Kukusha is committed to predict the winner of each game through the world cup.

This is the 1st African Roaster to take on the task of predicting the winner of the selected games for the 2018 world cup.

Kukusha, Dashen Beer’s Roaster will everyday predict the selected games through social media. Kukusha has its own dedicated Facebook page, all fans can also catch the prediction on the Dashen Beer Facebook page daily.

We are all eager to see how exactly will Kukusha prediction the various games. This is an exciting time for football lovers, and to ensure we excite our consumer & share the passion of our consumers.

Dashen Beer was launched in the Ethiopian market in the year 2000, 1st produce in Gonder. Since Dashen beer has grown to be a well know, best quality beer, breweries with 100% malt & with no-added sugar.

Dashen beer is a major player in the football, supporting a number of local football clubs. Major ones being the Gonder City club, Fasil Kenema & Woldia Sport Club, it also contributed toward various other clubs in Shire, Adigrat, and Bahirdar Kenem etc…

In addition to supporting a number of clubs, Dashen Beer is also well known for its contribution to the building of 2 major Stadiums in Bahir Dar & Mekelle.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ