Abiy Ahmed Respond to MP’s Questions Appearing Before the House


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed responded to questions from members of House of People’s Representative appearing before the House this afternoon June 18, 2018.

Before the question and answer session, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Phd) was reading a report on current economic and other general current affairs.

Members of the parliament forwarded asking several questions ranging from the recent decision made by the executive committee of the EPRDF the ruling coalition and the young leader was seen forwarding very strong and detailed responses.

Speaking about the current shortage of Foreign currency that snags the country’s economy, Abiy mentioning its root source and forward possible measures to be taken.

Poor performance in export trade, black market, coupled with the inefficiency of local manufacturing creates such a serious problem of foreign currency shortage, according to him.

Various measures will be taken to address foreign currency shortage in addition to boosting export performance, he said.

Another issue that the Prime Minister addressed in detail is about the border issues with Eritrea.

“There is no border among countries in the Horn of Africa,” Prime Minister Abiy responded to an MP. “There is only artificial colonial borders.” Said Abiy Ahmed, While asked about the current decision made by the EPRDF regarding the implementation of Ethio-Eritrea border.

We decided to pay such sacrifices to bring back peace between this to brotherly nations, he said

And he granted the public that any decision would not be implemented before the public consensus and asks for anyone to forward opinions regarding the issue.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ