Only Discussions Do not Relieve Drug Addiction


Youth form Amhara regional state demands practical efforts beyond discussions on drug addiction, according to ENA.

Nowadays too many numbers youths in the region are addicted to drugs and they are looking for problem-solving discussion, according to the report.

The economic, political, and social impacts of drug addictions are repeatedly raised in various meetings and discussions, however, the problem is seen expanded than reduced, according to youth participation in the report.

The discussions held several times didn’t invite the young generation which is the direct victim of the problem, whereas only government officials are engaged, said youths while expressing the reason why the meetings were not fruitful.

In particular, participants said that dialogue should be held to create a continuous discussion for youth, to prevent drug addiction.

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen on the occasion noted that the youth are expected to be organized in a way that will not be affected by such obstacles.

In addition, the government will work to address problems which face youth and to create social and economic benefits for the young generation, he emphasized.

የተመረጡና ሰበር ዜናዎችን ያግኙ