Bomb Blast During Addis Ababa Support Rally For Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

1 death 15 seriously Injured 160 received treatment 114 have been Hospitalized


Today Saturday, June 23, 2018, a record number of people were participating in a support rally for Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed when a bomb blast went off. The Prime Minister who was in the midst of a speech was rushed off by bodyguards unharmed. The explosion proved deadly.  3 have been reported killed.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressed the crowd shortly after the blast.

An unprecedented number of people were in attendance. Girma Cassa,  an Addis Ababa Police Commission official, told media that 15 people were seriously injured.

Shortly after the explosion at the Meskel flower rally government spokesman Ahmed Shide stated that the deaths were few in number.

Solomon Ali of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society told media that 114 people were hospitalized as of the morning.  Close to 50 are reported to have received first-aid treatment.

Unprecedented changes such as freeing of prisoners, economic liberalization, freedom of media have led to a surge in optimism in Ethiopia. Subsequently, this support rally is the largest of its kind in the history of modern Ethiopian according to pundits.

The event was organized through social media activism similar to the sort which fueled the unprecedented protests of recent times.

Significantly, Abiy Ahmed has made large reforms in his two months in office. Amongst these are new appointments at the highest level of government, military, and justice,  freeing of high profile political prisoners, and many others.


Police are investigating the Addis Ababa rally grenade attack as new developments continuously unfold in social media.

The rally was otherwise a success. Onlookers cheered as the Prime Minister spoke about a new Ethiopia. “Ethiopia will be on top again, and the cause will be love, unity, and inclusion,” he said. The unfortunate blast is said to be an orchestrated event according to police who spoke with media.

Following Ethiopia’s initiation, the Eriterian government will recently be sending high-level officials to discuss peace between the long-feuding countries.

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The recent announcement to cease armed struggle by the major opposition group Ginbot 7 was another positive development during the new prime minister’s short interim.

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