Ethiopia and Eritrea Open a New Era of Amity


After 20 years of enmity, Ethiopian and Eritrean leaders have seen in a  huge hug in Asmera, the capital of Eritrea, yesterday on July 07, 2018.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and other government officials paid an official visit to Eritrea, on arrival at Asmara International Airport, Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki warmly greeted him in scenes unthinkable just months ago.

Eritreans from every walk of life, gathered to well come to the young Ethiopian Leader who initiates the peace deal between the two nations.

Crowds danced and sang for the leaders, and Asmara’s streets were hung with Ethiopian and Eritrean flags.

On their formal discussions leaders of the two countries come to terms to establish official relations between these two countries which have people share complex memory and heritage.

Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and Issayas Afeworki have discussed on normalization of relations, its now confirmed that two countries will start flights, facilitate utilization of see ports reopen embassies in each others capital according to Fitsum Arega, Chief of Staff, at Prime Minister Office.

Furthermore, the two countries also signed an agreement to strengthen economic tie amid the two brotherly nations.

Now the two countries can open a new episode where they can advance their development through creating peace in the region, said Abiy Ahmed, adding that peace and stability produce no harm than creating a huge role that benefits the nations.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed has also stated that Ethiopia and Eritrea should preach peace to the coming generation so as to fortify unity and dual benefit, assuring that peace and stability would call migrated citizens to return back home.

The Eritrean people have shown their gratitude and love to us, we can work together on the issue of mutual prosperity and reconciliation, he added.

Issaias Afeworki on his part, express his positive response for the peace offer from Ethiopian Prime minister and congratulate people of the two countries and thanked Abiy Ahmed for his effort saying “the call of peace is genuine and true.

A senior Eritrean delegation composed of Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Presidential Adviser Yemane Ghebreab arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on June 26, 2018, and discussed with prime minister Abiy Ahmed on various issues.


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