Authority Warns for Water Shortage in Addis


Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority warned that the city would be facing a shortage of water after a year if banks could not pay close attention to water supply projects.

The government should interferon the issue to resolve the problem, otherwise sever water shortage would hit the city, Awoke Hailemariam, General Manager told to government officials led by Demeke Mekonen.

Different water projects which aimed at produce one million cubic meter water per day ceased because of foreign currency shortage in different parts of the city.

“Although we asked for foreign exchange frequently, banks did not pay due attention,” said the managing director.
Banks should have to distribute the currency giving priorities for issues which are basically like water, he stressed.

Currently, Addis Ababa City requires 866,540 cubic meters of water per day, while water supply stations have the capacity to produce 618 thousand meter cube per day. Although there is a difference between demand and supply, the produced water is not properly distributed to customers due to various reasons, he added.

The reduction in the production of some wells has been reduced to the point that the power cut has been reached. The water supply is at a low level, but it is possible to receive a 525 thousand cubic meters of water per day from the city.


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