Fasil Kenema’s Request to Play in Eritrea is Accepted


Fasil Kenema’s request to play a friendly match against a local side in Asmara is accepted by Eritrean National Football Federation (ENFF).

A week ago Ethiopian  Football club Fasil sent an invitation to play a friendly match with one Eritrean club, the Ertrian Federation, ENFF has shown similar interest and sent a  confirmation letter this week.

The move comes days after the two countries resolve the long-lasting conflict that claimed thousands of lives, and signed a peace and reconciliation agreements.

The Eritrean Football Federation has accepted the friendly match invitation sent from our club said Getahun Syume, Dashen football club manager, adding that the club will play with one club from Eritrea in a short time.

“Subsequently the ENFF would like to confirm to you that it has started all necessary preparations to host you in a very near future,” reads the letter from Eritrean Football Federation.

Fasil is the first Ethiopian team to play a soccer match between the neighboring country.

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