Port Massawa Ready to be a Gate for Ethiopia’s Import-Export


Eritrea announced that Massawa Port is ready to start operation to transport Ethiopian goods.

Layne Asfahaley, the chief of the Ports Massawa, said the strategic port of Massawa in is a city on the Red Sea coast of Eritrea is ready to transit goods from and to Ethiopia.

The first Ethiopian delegation has headed to Eritrean before a week has visited the current situation of the port.

The chief of the port told ENA that the port is renewed so as to serve Ethiopian import and Export tard.

Ethiopian businessmen who were parts of the tour to Massawa also stated that the commencement of Port Massawa will assist there business minimizing wastage.

It is also mentioned that the port is very strategic to the northern part of the countries.

Founded in 19 century by colonialists Port Massawa is the second largest port in Eritrea following Port Assab.

The port was one of Ethiopian trade outlet served the import and export of the country until 1998, due to closed borders between the two countries following the bloody war.

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