Ethiopian Express their Anger Over the Death of Simegew Bekele


The pain is of the death of Simegnew Bekele, a chief Engineer of flagship electricity project (GRED), still very fresh for Many Ethiopian.

Angry youth in Addis Ababa thronged the streets and demonstrated near Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, yesterday.

Residents in Gonder town marched the street to as justice for Simegnew Bekele and urged police to find out what is behind his death.

According to sources from Gonder, yesterday, a public transport bus was being burned out by angry youth in the downtown of the city.

The news of his death shocked many Ethiopian and everybody is wondering as how that happens.

The government has to find out the cause behind Simegnew Bekele and make the truth available for people of Ethiopia, told Daniel Habtamu for Ethiopian News Agency,

Zeynu Kemal, Federal Poice Commissioner, confirmed that he is shot dead in his car at Meskel Square, and Colt gun is found near his body, adding police is working to find out the cause behind his death.

Simegnew Bekele was born in 1965 in Makisegnt, a small village near  Gonder. In the late beginning of 1980’s he was registered as a trainer in the training center at the former Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation and began to work as a teacher after he has finished the training and graduates with great distinction.

After working as a teacher he was resigned and withdraw from the center because of disagreements and returned back to join the corp[oration in other position studied civil engineering. Then, has worked as vice project manager at GilgelGibe I and an as a project manager at Gilgal Gibe II.

Simegnewu is a father of three, his wife and children are currently living in Canada, according to sources close to the family.

In 2014, Simegnewu was She’s also been nominated for “Yebego Sew Shilimat ” an award which is organized by the founder Daniel Kibret, in a category of “performing governmental responsibility effectively” and He has been working as project manager for the Grand Renaissance Dam until his death.

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