Amharic With Google’s Powerful Input Tools

With this DireTube Guide you Can Easily Get Started with New and Improved Amharic Typing


For many Ethiopians  Power Geez is the way to go when typing in Amharic. Although this has been the case for decades now Geez alphabet users have many new and exciting alternatives. Some are happy with the Windows 10 built-in Amharic typing tool.   while many use the dozens of new tools available for Android and iPhone.

After researching Google’s new and powerful tools for the Amharic language we decided to create this step by step guide to help you get started in minutes. In this guide, we will explore the Google Input Tools extension for chrome.  Significantly, this is for desktop use, but Google also offers Amharic typing tools for phones.

In this Diretube tech guide, our focus will be on the powerful Google Input Tools. This Amharic typing method is very easy to use and offers several key advantages over the previously mentioned methods. Switching more easily than ever between Amharic and English, a custom dictionary that keeps track of our choices and auto-complete are just a few of the many great reasons to give this new service a try.

Steps to Set up Google Input Tools in Minutes in Desktop Chrome

  1. Make sure you have a Google Chrome browser on your system. If you are not yet a Google Chrome user download it here. If you do not want to use the Google Input Tools Chrome Extension or are seeking alternatives check out our guide for Google Input Tools for Desktop.

  2. Now in Chrome, you can get the Google Input Tools and begin typing in Amharic in no time. Just go to the Google web store and type: Google Input tools as is shown below.



  3.  Once the Google Input Tools shows up click on the Add to Chrome button illustrated below.
    Click on the encircled ‘Add to Chrome’


  4. After a few moments, your extension should show up on Chrome Tool Bar area. This is the section at the top of your Google Chrome Browser that is illustrated below.
  5. Click on the Google Input Tools Icon that is encircled in red above.
  6. Go to Extension Options

    Google Input tools Extension Options
    After clicking on Extension Options double click on the three Amharic Options as demonstrated above.
  7.  Good Job! If you have followed the instructions this far you have activated all of the Amharic options available.

  8. Go back to your Google Tool Bar and click on the Input Tools Icon.  You should see a drop-down similar to the one below.

Now you are up and running with Google Input tools for your chrome browser.  Open a Google Docs document and give it a try.  You can use any of the three options.  In addition, we suggest using the first one if you are offline or having a slow connection. The third one gives you a serious boost in typing speed through auto-completion and uses a custom dictionary that studies your word usage.

Significantly, if you are new to creating documents with googles cloud-based applications or want to hone your skills check out the video below.

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