Police Conclude Investigations on Masterminds of June 23 Grenade Attack


Federal Attorney General was notified yesterday that the Police has concluded investigation on masterminds and financers of the June 23 grenade attack.

Police has finalized the necessary investigations on individuals with planning, coordinating and financing an assassination attempt on the life of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed at a rally and will give a press release next week, Birhanu Tesegaye, told Fana Broadcasting.

A week ago, Federal Attorney General charged, Getu Girma, Birhanu Jafar, Tilahun Getachew, Bahiru Tolosa and Dessalegn Tesfaye with terrorism, attempting to kill the Prime Minister.

The charges allege that the defendants carried out the attempted murder on the PM with the belief that Abiy Ahmed was not popular among the Oromos and did not stand for the rights of the Oromo people.

The charge says the defendants, who are linked to the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), carried out the attempted murder with a conviction that the OLF was the rightful representative of the Oromo people, but not the Prime Minister. And that the OLF should replace the government of Abiy Ahmed.

On June 23, a bomb was thrown at the stage while Abiy waved to the crowd killed two people and wounded more than 150. Some collaborators remain at large.

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