Prime Minister Abiy Named Half Female Cabinet Members


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) appointed women to 10 positions in his cabinet, including a woman defense minister, making up half of the total of his 20-person cabinet, for the first in the country’s history.

Earlier today the parliament has approved all the cabinet proposed by the prime minister.

Ayisha Mohammed (Eng), a former construction minister was appointed a defense minister, the first female to occupy that position.

She was also appointed construction minister in the last cabinet of Prime Minister Hailemaraim Dessalegn. A civil engineer by training, she was also served as minister of culture for about one year.

The prime minister also appoints Muferiat Kemal, a former speaker of parliament appointed to manage the new “ministry of peace” which is believed to bringing peace and stability in the country.

Abiy mentioned that she is one of the successful women in the new leadership.

Hirut Wolde Mariam (PhD), the former Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, is assigned to head the newly established Scienceleadd Higher Education Ministry.

Dagmawit Moges, a former mayor of the capital is appointed to be the head of the Transport Ministry.

The prime minister mentioned leadership competence to extend current reforms, experience, and gender balance as criteria for appointing the new cabinets.

“To respond to public demand a cabinet reshuffle is essential. This follows the change of leadership that was enacted in an attempt to change the existing situation in the country,” said Abiy.

Following the appointment of the cabinet, Abiy answered questions from the members of the parliaments, including one about why having a peace Ministry is so important to the country.

He also urged the new cabinet members to serve the public sincerely and develop hard working cultures in their institutions.

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