Illegal Land Grab on the rise in Addis Ababa: Police


Illegal activities including land grabbing in the city is on the rise, according to Addis Ababa police commission.

In recent days the activity of land grab is increased in Addis Ababa, said Degife Bedi, commissioner at Addis Ababa Police Commission, during a meeting held yesterday with various stakeholders.

In addition to an attempt to occupy land there is also an increase of illegal contraband trade in the capital, he added.

It is mandatory to prepare a plan in order to prevent such acts and maintain rule of law by the participation of the public, he noted.

Illegal house where people gamble, smoke shisha and chew the narcotic leaf khat are mentioned by police as a cause for the expansion of such illicit acts

Maintaining rule of law is not the responsibility fo police the public also need to cooperate to enforce law, Degife said.

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