Ethiopia to Launch Its First Ever Satellite Next Year


Ethiopia says it will launch its first ever civilian satellite into space in a year, according to Ethiopian Space Science Institute.

The announcement comes after the nation got an international license to send satellites to space.

A year ago the former prime minister Haile Mariam Dessalegn said his country will launch its own Sattelite within two years time.

Last years the former prime minister Haile Mariam Dessalegn chaired the first Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Council meeting in Addis Ababa and said that his country would launch its satellite within two years time.

According to Solomon Belay (PhD), Ethiopian and Chinese engineers are jointly working on the building of the satellite mentioning that the process is in its final stage.

According to the schedule, the satellite will be launched on October 15, 2019, he added.

The satellite, which weighs about seven-kilo grams reach Ethiopia traveling four days from China.

The satellite will use for agricultural, water, urban development, and to better predict weather conditions and for remote sensing activities inside the country.

According to the Institute, the satellite will revolve the world in fifteen days, and it takes four days to complete touring Ethiopia.

Established in 2004, the society established 24 branch association in a different part of the country,

The society aims to build a society with a highly developed scientific culture that enables Ethiopia to reap the benefits of accusing from space science and technology.

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