Much Delayed Ribb Irrigation Dam Project to Inaugurate


The much-delayed Ribb Dam, a 4 billion birr irrigation dam project, in South Gonder Zone, Amhara Regional State, will finally be inaugurated tomorrow, Fana broadcasting reports.

With a height of 53. 5 meters and length of 800 meters, Ribb Dam stretched between Farta and Ebinat District, with a total storage capacity of 234 million cubic meters and expected to irrigate over 20,000 hectares of farmland.

The construction of the dam will enable growers to produce three times a year.

The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) is the project contractor in charge of the construction and preserving roads, bridges, highways, dams, and infrastructure whereas the Ethiopian Construction and Design Supervision Corporation has also done the consultation of the project commenced a decade ago.

According to Fana broadcasting, the construction budget of the irrigation dam has raised three times the amount which previously planned and the delay is due to various reasons.

A year ago a report was released about the completion of the project, design changes, relocation problem, shortage of required substances and machinery spare parts were mentioned as challenges causing the delay in the project.

Previously ECWC has executed projects including Kesem dam and irrigation, Gidabo dam, Megech dam, and Tendaho clean water supply.

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