Yinager Dessie Appointed as ECX’s New Board Chairperson


The National Bank governer Yinager Dessie (PhD) is appointed as a new CEO of Ethiopia Commodity Exchange(ECX).

Yinager is serving as National Bank for months took this latest post replacing Sani Redi.

Getahu Mekuria, from the newly structured Science and Innovation Minister, Abdisa Yadeta, director general of the Abebe Abebayehu, from prime minister office and president of Development Bank of Ethiopia Haileyesus Bekele are appointed as Borde members of ECX.

Abdela Bagerish, general manager of SA Bagarish, one of the leading coffee exporter companies, has also been re-elected to the board of directors, representing the business community.

Established a decade ago, ECX mainly trades agricultural commodities with its central trading system.

Formed by Eleni Gebre Medhin a former economist for the International Food Policy Research Institute and the World Bank, ECX is set up as a private company owned by a partnership of the market actors, members of the exchange, and the Ethiopian government.

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