Haile Hotel and Resort Set to Expand to Gonder


As part of expansion plan, Haile resort to open its 6th leased resort in the historic city of Gonder, and the Upcoming Haile resort in Gonder used to be landmark Hotel since 2005.

The resort which will start in December 2018 is under renovation that includes the rooms from 56 to 66 and increasing the multi-purpose hall capacity and number, according to a press release sent to Dire Tube.

Haile hospitality Group believes attaining its goal to reach 20 hotels in the next five years through the development of own hotels and resorts acquisition, lease agreements, management, and franchising approaches read the statement.

So as to upgrade the star of the resort into four stars, a new swimming pool and healthcare facilities including Gym, steam, and sauna as well as children playground shopping centers are under construction.

Haile resort in Gonder is a milestone to expand the Haile Brand in the Historic north route. we will be opening our hotels and resorts in the near future in Simien Mountains, Bahir Dar, Lalibela, and Axum.

According to the Group, Haile Hotels and Resorts has various projects in the country including the five star Place Hotel in Addis Ababa and a four-star hotel in Adama and an international hotel in Debre Birhan.

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