Anger, Protests on Streets of Dessie After Barbaric Rape and Murder of a Girl


There was anger and protests on the streets of Dessie town in Amhara regional state yesterday, a day after the alleged rape and brutal murder of a seven years old girl.

The body of Betselot Birhanu was found in woods near her home on Wednesday, three days after she was abducted from her home, according to her mother Abeba Muhye.

Her mother was confused because she lost her daughter for days and began to find her with the neighboring, but couldn’t see her.

“All the localities and abandoned places were searched, but unfortunately we … were not able to find her. Yesterday afternoon her body was found inside the main refuse dump in the city.” said her mother.

On November 8, 2018, the victim was found dead, according to the Abeba, the woman alleged that she had been married to one of the suspects and had given birth to a child.

According to the police, the body of the girl was found chopped and kept in a sack.

As public anger intensifies, many people gathered in and demanded justice for the child.

Residents of Dessie have complained that due to the previous verdict is inconsistent, many of others are being charged with criminal offenses.

The crowd was asking for Justice for the seven-year-old child.

According to police, the situation in the city is restored to normal.

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