Ethiopian Resume Flights to Mogadishu in Four Decades


Tewolde Gebremedihin, the chief executive officer at Ethiopian Airlines, announced today that, the airlines officially resume a flight to Mogadishu after four decades.

The launch of the flight would strengthen people to people tie and boost trade relation of the two nations, Tewolde said.

Apart from this, the flight will benefit Somalian DIaspora community to return home participate in the building of their nations, he added.

Since Ethiopia imports a large number of Fish products from Somalia, the start of the cargo transport will benefit the nation, Tewolde said.

According to him, the national carries will commence cargo flight in two weeks time.

The commencement of the flight will strengthen the peace and unity that are creating in the region.

Travelers from Somalia currently use longer routes via neighboring countries Kenya or Djibouti to get to Addis Ababa.

Last month, Ethiopian Airlines restarted flights to Asmara after a two-decade hiatus thanks to an ending of hostilities with Eritrea.

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