Why Does Haile Gebrselassie Resign?


Haile Gebrselassie, the prominent runner, resigned as president of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation on Monday, calling it a “sacrifice” for the sport.

The decision came after the growing grievances of local athletes about training facilities and decision-making, which he believes are politically motivated.

On Monday Haile gave briefed the media that he has been unhappy with recent complaints by athletes which some of the questions have hidden intention.

The issue came to a head on Sunday at a local meet’s medal ceremony when junior athletes refused to shake hands with athletics officials.
Haile Gebresilase had has been president for two years. Another running great, Derartu Tulu replaced him.

Gebrselassie is considered the greatest distance runner ever after significant competition wins at distances from 1,500 meters to the marathon. He won two Olympic gold medals and set 27 world records.

The federation which is responsible for the development of athletics sport in the nation was frequently blamed for maladministration and corruption cases.

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