Aysha Mohammed Appointed as Afar National Democratic Party Chairperson


Aysah Mahommed, who is the first woman to be Defence minister is assigned as a chairperson of Afar National Democratic Party (ANDP) which recently made some changes to leadership.

The decision comes after the general assembly is held in Semera to discuss various issues including making reshuffles on leadership positions on the party.

ANDP assembly decided to see its senior founders off to their retirement thereby consolidating the leadership of the young generation.

The party also announced 12 newly elected members of the executive committee.

Aysha Mohammed, one of the half female appointees in the Abiy Ahmed cabinet, is the one from the ethnic Afar who is delegated in a key government position.

The party said good riddance to 72 members of the party including the head of the regional state, Hadji Seyoum Awol, and other senior officials.

There has been a resilient protest in Afar region in the past few months against the outgoing regional administration which was believed to be under the influence Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders.

Over the past few months, the region was rocked by a resilient protest against the outgoing regional administration.

Tens of thousands in Afar regional state including the capital Semera were demanding leadership change in the region.

Afar people are thus struggling for and would like the current reform agenda in Ethiopia to be also carried out in their region, Afar People’s Party, the regional opposition party said during the time of protests.

It is reported that the ANDP was created in the latter half of 1999 from a merger of the Afar Liberation Front (ALF) and the Afar People’s Democratic Organization with three smaller organizations—the Afar National Liberation Front, the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) and the Afar National Democratic Movement. However, there have been more recent reports indicating that the ALF and ARDUF still operate as independent organizations.

In the August 2005 Regional assembly elections, the party won 84 out of 87 seats in the Afar Region.

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