Ethiopia Sends Medical Volunteer Team to Eritrea


Ministry of Health announced that Ethiopia sends medical volunteer team to Eritrea today.

A group of 35 Medical doctors and four specialists have traveled to Eritrea to volunteer to perform free medical services for two months.

This follows PM Abiy Ahmed’s call for strengthening people to people ties between the two countries and with all other nations of the continent. Amir Aman (MD), Minister of Health, wrote in his twitter account.

According to Liya Tadesse, state minister at the Ministry of Health, the team of health professionals sent to Eritrea will play a vital role to create socio-economic integration among Horn of African countries.

This new commitment of deploying medical staff can be considered as continuation and commitment of Ethiopia’s firm stand for region’s solidarity.

It is believed that the medical team will help to strengthen the relationship between the two nations, said Liya, adding that similar team will also be sent to other eastern African countries for the same purpose in the near future.

With the main objective to provide medical services for patients in Eritrea, the group is also expected to enhance people to people tie by sharing experiences and expertise, according to MoH.

In 2014 Ethiopia also deployed a volunteer health professionals mission of 200 to West Africa along with financial support of ETB 10 million (USD 500,000) in Ebola fight.

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